DIY Rustic Hang Tag Tutorial

I was recently scouring the Internet and local businesses to get quotes and ideas for hang tags for the clothes that I am making. It was complete information overload. I always thought I was fairly indecisive but now I am realizing that it is just because I want what I want. Sucks to be picky sometimes. What I wanted cost too much for my #smallshop. I don’t need 100-250 hang tags right now. I change my mind way too much that. Next week I’m sure I will want a different color, different wording, another layout. 🙄 So I set out to create my own rustic hang tag with materials found in my garage and in our own backyard. The result was good. Good enough that a tutorial was in order!


  • Dried wood 
  • Chop saw
  • Laser printer 
  • Wood burner & transfer tip
  • Orbital sander (sand paper would work)
  • Drill

 Step 1: Print your design. Open the design you want to transfer to wood in any image editing program. Flip the image horizontally, even basic programs such as “Paint” will have this function. Save the flipped image. Print the image off using a laser printer, an inkjet printer will not work. Laser printers are the ones typically found in office buildings, if it takes toner it is a laser printer. 

Step 2: Cut your wood cookies from a dried wood log in the size and thickness that you need. I used a chop saw for this but I’m sure others will work. If the wood cookie is too thin it may warp or crack with the heat of the burner. 

Step 3: Sand your wood so you have a nice and smooth surface. Notice my feminine pliers in the photo 🙂 They were the only small ones I could find and made me feel the #girlpower.

Step 4: You will need a wood burner. I used a Mastercraft version that I bought at Canadian tire for pretty cheap. There are other brands available such as Walnut Hollow which can be purchased at any Michael’s store. You will also need a transfer tip again these can be purchased at Michael’s or online. The Walnut Hollow tips will fit onto the Mastercraft burning tool.  

Step 5: Transferring your image.

 Place the laser-printed image ink-side down onto the wood and start heating up your wood burner. If you have space it is a good idea to tape one side of the paper to the wood so it stays in place, you don’t want to tape all sides because you will want to lift the paper during burning to make sure you have all of the image burned.   Some burners have a capacity to change the temperature, the Mastercraft version I have does not; it’s best not to let it heat up to full temperature before starting! Press the tip onto the back of the image and keep moving it in small circles over the back of the paper applying light pressure. Try not to leave the tip in one place for too long or you will burn the wood underneath. Keep lifting the paper as you are going to ensure you have all of the image transferred onto the wood; this will work with all colours of ink – not just black.

Step 6:  Drill your hole for your hang tag string. I used a 5/32 drill bit but it is all personal preference. I like to use my fabric scraps to make my string.

 Step 7: There is no step 7. You’re done! Congrats on making your very own hang tag. There are so many uses for these tags. Even if you don’t have a need for clothing tags they would make super cute gift tags, basket labels, magnets, coasters…endless possibilities. Have fun creating and DIYing.

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