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Hi everyone, out there in front of a screen reading my first blog post. I’ve recently started my own thing. A business thing! I still find it a little weird telling people that I have my own business. Stay-at-home mommy was a title I proudly wore since my move home to Newfoundland from British Columbia. Now on to the next chapter, work-from-home mommy. I’m not use to this blogging bit so bare with me because I have always hated writing. During my school days I could cut a book of 500 pages down to 20. Always been good at summarizing! Lucky you 😉 

I thought it was fitting for my first post to feature the product that started off my Antisewcial adventure, my Blow Me Down Hoodie.

I designed this children’s hoodie to stop my children's hoods from always blowing off their heads in the wind and rain. I hated holding up their hoods, and my own, whenever the wind would blow. In Newfoundland that is almost daily.

I imagine some day doing an infomercial of a mom struggling with their child’s hood in an overly dramatic fashion….and cue Blow Me Down Hoodie. LOL

I promise that won’t be happening.

Since designing the hoodie I noticed that it keeps children extra cozy, keeps the flies away while camping, great for rainy and windy days…the list just keeps growing for how much I love them! I was delighted that so many people wanted a Blow Me Down Hoodie so I started to make and sell them straight away. Having good quality, handmade, ethically-made clothing really does feel different and special. It isn't easy to find children's clothing that are not mass produced and heavily branded. 

Take a look at my first hoodies that I have made. I rarely make the same color combination twice so it is really fun to look back at the evolution of the Blow Me Down Hoodie. 

  • Made of super soft bamboo fabric
  • Raglan style sweatshirt
  • Roomy hood with a soft forehead flap to prevent the hood from slipping off and to keep children super cozy
  • Cuffed sleeves and waist

Sizes: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6

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  • Jessie

    These hoodies are so awesome!! My kids live in theirs!! I can’t wait to get more Antisewcial products!! Congrats on the website launch!

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