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DIY Rustic Hang Tag Tutorial

I was recently scouring the Internet and local businesses to get quotes and ideas for hang tags for the clothes that I am making. It was complete information overload. I always thought I was fairly indecisive but now I am realizing that it is just because I want what I want. Sucks to be picky sometimes. What I wanted cost too much for my #smallshop. I don’t need 100-250 hang tags right now. I change my mind way too much that. Next week I’m sure I will want a different color, different wording, another layout. 🙄 So I set out to create my own rustic hang tag with materials found in my garage and in our own backyard. The result was good....

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Blow Me Down Hoodie

Hi everyone, out there in front of a screen reading my first blog post. I’ve recently started my own thing. A business thing! I still find it a little weird telling people that I have my own business. Stay-at-home mommy was a title I proudly wore since my move home to Newfoundland from British Columbia. Now on to the next chapter, work-from-home mommy. I’m not use to this blogging bit so bare with me because I have always hated writing. During my school days I could cut a book of 500 pages down to 20. Always been good at summarizing! Lucky you 😉  I thought it was fitting for my first post to feature the product that started off my...

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